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Terms of Service and Rules

The providers of the service ("we", "us, "our") want to give you the best experience possible on the forums. But in order for us to do so we have to set in place guidelines to help you and others enjoy using the website. All of these rules apply globally on the website.

We are also not responsible for the content of any content posted. Any content posted express the views of their author only.
We also reserve the right to remove or modify any content posted for any reason.

Everything in the UEG Rules and Regulations applies to the website also.

Global Guidelines
  • Any content shown below is unacceptable and will be removed if seen. Depending on the severity you can and will be warned.
    1. Racial comments, threatening, sexism, or any kind of discriminatory material.
    2. Useless, off-topic, short, double post, or any other kind of spam post.
    3. Profanity
    4. Links that lead to external sites that could potential harm others computers, pornography sites, or any other malicious websites.
    5. Content about alcohol, drugs, warez(illegal downloads), or anything else potentially illegal.
    6. Over use of smilies.
  • Do not bring your drama onto the website.
  • We have the right to ban or restrict access to certain areas of the website. If you feel you have received unfair punishment speak with the person who banned you on Xbox Live. Do not have others ask us if you can regain access.
  • Do not ask if you can be promoted to Web Team or Mod Team or any other staff position in UEG.
  • You are only allowed to have one account on the website. Creating multiple accounts will resolve in the other accounts being deleted and hefty ban.
  • Please do not post large images or multiple images in a row. If you must do so, just link to the image.
  • Requesting for likes in status messages or post is unacceptable. This is not Facebook.
  • Do not request to have a custom usertitle. Only higher ranking members and members with the Website MOH have the privilege of a custom usertitle.
  • Do not type in any language other than English on the website. The administration is unable to ensure the content of posts is appropriate if they are not in English. Thank you for understanding.
  • Do not repost or copy/paste resources from other areas of the site into their own threads (i.e. making separate threads in branch forums for the ranking structure, minimum standards, etc.). This creates unnecessary clutter and pushes actual threads farther down. If something is already available somewhere on the website, there is a reason for it.
Chatbox Guidelines
Any member caught abusing use of the Shoutbox will have it removed from them.
  • You can only post 3 chats in a row before it is considered spam. This also includes posting an image that takes up more than 50% of the Shoutbox.
  • Do not request for support in the Shoutbox. Instead post in the Assistance and Requests forums.
  • The Media BBCode is forbidden from the Shoutbox.
  • Limit to only 3 smilies per post.
  • Do not continuously spam links or images on the Chatbox. If you have something to show, make a new topic.
  • Do not use a text color which cannot be read on the Chatbox. Refusal to change a color after being asked will result in a tempban. Using a custom color is a privilege, not a right.
  • Do not backseat moderate. The website staff are more then capable of enforcing the rules.
Signature and Branch Banner Guidelines
  • Only have 1 image. Anymore and they will be removed.
  • Maximum limit for images is 600px in width and 150px in height (600x150px).
  • Branch Banner should only be 500px in width and 200px in height (500x200px).

We have a system in place that allows Admins and Moderators to warn users for certain things that you do. When you do start accumulating points, there are consequences that will come into effect that is automatically set up. We will not let you know exactly what will happen at however amount of points you have. Just know that at one warning point, you are basically getting your only warning so you can figure out what happens next. Also, these warnings are not handed out lightly.