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Wall of Honor

Branches of UEG

United Extreme Gaming is comprised of multiple branches. Each branch is unique.
The members that call it home give their branch a personal touch that can't be replicated in any other way.

This page serves as a brief overview of what you might expect when playing with the members of said branch.
Feel free to explore each branches Wall of Honor!

UEG Bravo

Bravo has a chill atmosphere. Mainly we play PUBG, Rainbow 6: Siege, and Call of Duty. We are willing to help new and old gamers get better at the game. We build up here, we don't tear down." - UEG DeathScythe

UEG Prevail

"UEG Prevail is a very laid back branch. Our claim to fame is daily game nights to have fun and relax! Our staff have an open door policy to discuss any issues or ideas you have." - UEG Darth Maul

UEG Rebels

"UEG Rebels is an outspoke, developing branch of UEG. We stick together and help each other out while gunning down enemies in Call of Duty. Hit us up if you want to run with the big dogs!" - UEG Medusa

UEG Resurgence

"Resurgence is a fun and diverse branch that plays a multitude of games. We are a growing community with a close knit atmosphere and we work to strengthen the community core while instilling the UEG principles." - UEG MAPLE XO

UEG Viral

"Viral is the apex of community. We are where gaming and social meet and we hold ourselves to higher standard because somebody has to. To be a viral means to be great and nothing else." - UEG Kaysho

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